Highlights of 2011

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Highlights of 2011 included
  • Meeting our mentors- Michael & Josephine Winter and Vince Ham
  • Schools techie tour where we took one CORE day and visited each others schools and centers
  • Jo and Sonya skyping in for the global author in the HOT Seat on Superclubsplus -over 1000 children took part gobally.
  • Being spoilt at CORE headquarters in Christchurch
  • 5x minutes to prepare a 1 minute presentation
  • Attending and presenting at ULEARN 2011 as a group
  • Flying to Rotorua with the French Rugby world cup supporters
  • The Christchurch Red District Tour after the earthquake. -Being able to relate more to folk of quake affected Christchurch.
  • Walking across the field on a frosty morning
  • Linda's grape expertise during winter evenings & Hot spots
  • Talking in a group but still texting, tweeting, facebooking
  • Having WIFI and being allowed to tweet, txt and surf as part of listening to discussion
  • Hanna and Bronwyn laying down the foundation EG: QRcodes on pre school art, using photos to capture learning for under 2s.
  • David introducing us to elluminate
  • Catching early morning flights
  • Collaborating, Connecting, Creating friendships
  • Having the opportunity for conversations when we get together.
  • Using the extra days for our personal development without having to justify to our schools- eg: visiting other schools, writing, working on our online spaces.
  • Sharing and the personal professional development eg: reflection protocols and small mechanisms that we can add to our facilitation toolkits. Presentation skills, speaking skills were benefitial.
  • Previous efellows and their stories

  • Next steps:
  • Facilitation skills eg: reflecting on practice- lens and methods, working with large groups
  • Build resiliance