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Efellow 2013


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This wiki page is dedicated to 21st Century Learning. It is an online space where I accumulate, aggregate and create resources for teaching PLD. Find ideas, inspiration, and resources to help embed e-learning into your classroom practice.

Flick-It-On! Collaborative Student Film Making Challenges - Ideas for operating an enriching film school project to support collaborative teacher professional learning and sharing, and grow student learning through the effective use of film to communicate their learning.

Collaborative student film making challenge from EDtalks on Vimeo.




Dare to Dream:

During my e-Fellowship I planned to enquire into ‘Flipping’ classroom teaching and learning through e-learning and developing innovative classroom learning spaces. I intended to:
  • Define the ‘flipped classroom’ for teachers, students and parents
  • Enquire into how the classroom learning environment affects learning
  • Develop learning through social media to enable home learning
  • Enquire into how ‘flipped’ learning supports school learning
  • Enable students to teach others through social media
  • Make connections with other teachers who are ‘flipping’ their classrooms
  • Identify ways to include students without home internet access
  • Student voice - how the ‘flipped classroom’ works for them
  • Enquire how the ‘flipped classroom’ impacts upon assessment for learning through SOLO

My eFellowship Year

During 2013, my efellowship year, my inquiries led me to explore three ideas to engage and inspire reluctant writers. Rewindable learning, the use of multimedia and flexible learning spaces.

Rewindable Learning

My inquiry looked into rewindable learning* (flipping the classroom) to engage and inspire reluctant writers. How can we crack engagement in deep learning and develop lifelong learners who are confident, connected and actively involved? Can rewindable learning (*Kevin Honeycutt) crack engagement in writing? Who should create the rewindable learning? The teacher? The students?


Developing the digital litereacies through multimedia e-tools (combining text, audio, still images, animation and video) blended with traditional literacies develop writing. E-tools can develop students’ listening, reading, and viewing to make meaning of ideas or information they receive, and develop their speaking, writing, and presenting to create meaning for themselves or others.

Modern learning environments

To collaborate or not to collaborate:
Flexible learning spaces can develop student engagement and develop their writing skills through exposure to “...serendipity, as much argument and conversation, as many rival and related ideas as possible; to borrow, to repurpose, to recombine...” (Oliver Burkeman) and enabling learners ‘ decide when to collaborate and when they need private time to think.” (Susan Cain)

Teaching as Inquiry

During the efellowship year we learnt about and practiced theories and methods of teaching as inquiry that can influence teaching: identifying educational crisis points in your classroom, triangulating data, conducting iterative cycles, identify disconfirming data, finding empirical evidence, AfL and Double Loop Learning.


Our eFellowship year ran from March to November and we certainly were exposed to “...serendipity, as much argument and conversation, as many rival and related ideas as possible; to borrow, to repurpose, to recombine...”. My inquires into rewindable, multimedias and flexible learning spaces have only just begun!

Slipping literacy under the radar from EDtalks on Vimeo.

My Current Educational and e-Learning Interests:

The Flipped Classroom
‘Flipping’ classroom teaching and learning through e-learning and developing innovative classroom learning spaces.
Link: In this online space I accumulate and aggregate ideas around 'flipping' my teaching and learning and redesigning fun learning spaces for my students.

Using blogging and Web 2.0 tools as effective approaches for teaching and learning for all ages. Connectivism through social media engages learners and encourages lifelong learning, creativity, communication and collaboration. Sharing the learning process is equally as important as the finished result. The use of social media develops metacognition - students, teachers, parents, local and global communities are encouraged to think about their thinking and to express those thoughts to an authentic audience. Sharing thinking, creations, inspirations and ideas through a social media platform creates digital dialogue.
Links: making blog comments, ideas for blogging, blogging projects, embedding blogging into classroom programmes

Solo Taxonomy
Developing assessment for learning through SOLO Taxonomy enables an extra depth to the learner’s metacognition and their ability feedback and feedforward, identifying their next learning steps and communication skills within a social media platform.
Link: In this online space I share how I implement SOLO Taxonomy into my classroom programme.

Skills and Knowledge I am keen to share:

Multimedia - Digital Narratives
Setting up and running school wide and cross school film projects. Digital narratives and documentaries to enable learners to share new learning, interpret the past and developing new thinking for a sustainable social, cultural, economic and environmental future at a local, national and global level.

Link: Flick-It-On! Collaborative Student Film Making Challenges

Skills and Knowledge I need help with:

Music knowledge, using Apps & GarageBand to support student creating their own music and sound tracks.

Books/people/websites that have influenced my thinking:

The Element
Ken Robinson

What's The Point Of School
Guy Claxton

Literacy Is Not Enough
Teaching Visual LiteracyNancy Frey & Douglas Fisher
Digital Storytelling in the ClassroomJason Ohler
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Flip Your Classroom
Jonathan Bergman & Aaron Sams
The Third Teacher
How Creativity Works
Jonah Lehrer
Susan Cain

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Pam Hook @arti_choke

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