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Jamie Power






Ed Talk:

My work during my e-Fellowship:

I'm interested in further developing effective classroom environments that promote e-learning, collaboration and personal wellbeing. I would like to develop an understanding of how teachers, that use existing or recycled buildings or furniture can create positive learning areas within their classrooms, that promote creative and critical thinking and exciting collaboration.

I am very interested to learn about different ways a classroom can function where children have responsibility for their learning pathways/goals, by creating the next classroom space - the digital space. We currently run a classroom blog, however I am very interested in trialling a digital portfolio with the use of online collaborative spaces, documents and web tools. Turning the children into learning producers rather than consumers.


My Current Educational and e-Learning Interests:

Over the past 3 years I have been a teacher involved in the Whakatu Cluster 'Film Festival and Flick it On Project'. The project is now in it's third year and has developed from a 3 day film festival to a “Flick-It-On!” annual movie making challenge where students collaboratively and creatively produce a digital narrative from across nine different schools. "Flick-It-On!” is based on the concept of another project I have been involved with over the past three years called Rock Our World which is an internationally run collaborative project.

Over the past three years I have been part of this project connecting students and teachers to collaborate in composing original music, making movies, and meeting each other in live video chats. In 2011 we made a music video with a US based band ‘Alma Desnuda’ and this year we have been part of the poetry slam, sharing poems with the world about our learning spaces.

Within the Whakatu Cluster I have attended 3 Unconferences (like a cluster Ulearn) and been a presenter at these. In 2011 our class was part of the children's movie making competition called the MADE Awards where we got second in NZ. We also competed in the NZ Fair Go Ad Awards.

I attended Learning@Schools in 2012 and will be presenting 2 workshops at Ulearn 2012 called 'Stop Collaborate and Listen' and 'Massage in Schools'

At Nayland we do not have a school hall to run assemblies, so within the Senior Syndicate I developed 'e-ssemblies'. This is where we live stream our assemblies using UStream - as used with our ROW involvement. Classes in the syndicate watch from their classrooms and Whanau can watch the assemblies from afar. Many parents are watching the e-ssemblies from work! Out of town parents or extended family members can open UStream and watch it all happen live, or watch it later when best suits them. We are now opening this further to our whole school assemblies within our school.

I have begun a collaborative project called 'Mahitahi - Gameon'. It's where one class creates a movie explaining how to play an alternative game, sends it to another school in the region, allows time for that school to learn that game and then we go to that school and play them at the game. From digital collaboration to face to face collaboration in action.


Skills and Knowledge I am keen to share:

How can we connect busy parents or out of town whanau to our school assemblies? How can we collaborate with the classroom next door? How can we connect with other classrooms in New Zealand? What about around the world?! How can we make meaningful connections with classrooms around the globe to enhance our classroom programmes? How can children ask and answer their own wonderings about what happens on the other side of the Earth?

How our school has started an innovative adventure into true integrated collaboration on a local, National and Global stage

Looking at the relationship between the classroom environment and the students engagement with their learning. Developing classroom learning spaces that promote collaboration, elearning and children's choice.

We have been developing learning spaces in a pre-existing classroom with a limited budget, furniture and space.

Skills and Knowledge I need help with:

Books/people/websites that have influenced my thinking:

20 Things Educators Need to Know about Learning Spaces

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