Dave Winter

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Southwell School
and the Connected Learning Community

Dedicated to my mum who features in the picture above. Dorothy grows up across the page and ends up a fantastic teacher who died before I managed to understand how dedicated she was to learning and learners.






email.gif.jpegmailto: Dave dot Winter at Southwell dot School dot NZ


My work during my e-Fellowship:

Learning Together What happens when teachers, students and community share in a connected ecosystem? This projects attempts to build explicit learning, student literacy and contribution in a reflective collaborative writing context. Work will predominantly be with the year 8
syndicate at Southwell School.
Student Response to have Google docs improved your writing

Another View

My Current Educational and e-Learning Interests:

I am interested in a few key areas. The collaborative use of google docs and the power of community achievement versus individual achievement. I am keenly following the development of the new interfaces provided by Ipads and Ipod touches with particular focus on Junior School children. Visual Language is a research interest encompassing infographics, graphical design and the use of video as a learning tool. I also enjoy working with student in media creation and the use of programming tools as a means of creating students capability in problem solving and thinking.

Skills and Knowledge I am keen to share:

I am keen to share the learning process with others looking at the use of software for learning

Skills and Knowledge I need help with:

Books/people/websites that have influenced my thinking:

Carol Dweck : Mindset
Michael Fullan: Educational Change
Julia Atkin: Values and Beliefs personal learning
Helen Barrett: Eportfolios

Efellows 2011

[Hanna Faletaupule] [Jo Fothergill] [Bronwyn Glass] [Linda Lehrke] [Sonya Van Schaijik] [David Winter]