Name: Tara TJ

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Lead Teacher of eLearning Amesbury School, Wellington


  • Aug 24, 2017
    Today I was at a regional Principal's meeting.Key messages were:Special Ed will get its shit together in 10-15 yearsNational standards will continue to be our public service target (even though National Standards have been proven to do diddly-squat for the 7 years that they have been implemented).Whispers and thoughts about what a crappy time it is in education, and what are hard time it is to be a Principal. But what I think, is that it is an absolutely crappy time to be a child in the ...
  • SUNZ learnings - scared and excitied Nov 19, 2016
    Linear, as we know it, is over and this by no means is a linear account of what I experienced at the SUNZ summit.Linear is self indulgent - it’s assuming that the restrictive lens (the lens that can’t even capture all the goings on in one room) is an accurate account of what has happened. In our own eyes, it is the Truth. However, a linear recount is impossible and somewhat unrealistic. Interestingly, we train linear thinking into our youth, from a very early age. In primary schoo...
  • Post #ULearn16 Newsetter rant Oct 13, 2016
    The teachers and I have returned from uLearn which is an intensive 4 day education conference. We rubbed shoulders with Global Leaders in education. This included Larry Rosenstock, John Couch, Michael Fullan, Mark Treadwell and Karen Spencer. Hon Hekia Parata also spoke about the changes to the Education Act and reiterated the message from the key-note speakers.The key message was around the future of students and a huge emphasis was placed on the rapid change that is taking place globally. ...
  • Cross industry sharing Jul 16, 2016
    I was at a deck party yesterday and got talking to a health professional. I was surprised that she shared the same concerns for her line of work that I do for mine."Everything we do must be evidence based, the problem with this is that what works for one person may not for another. We work with humans. Every one of them is different." (That was the medical person... Not me!)Jo shared the story of how her mother had polio in the 1930s and how her mother's doctor did not believe in the evidence...
  • 25 June Jun 24, 2016
    Bought a new car. Like the lightbulb
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    Beatiful Joan 
  • 10 June Jun 10, 2016
    Moving cats #FFS
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    Calm blue ocean 
  • 30 May May 30, 2016
    Driving home 

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My work during my e-Fellowship:

In 2010 (as a Core Education eFellow) I explored the use of cameras in the classroom looking specifically at:
  • Self Reflection
  • Foucauldian notions of self-monitoring
  • Authentic audience


My EdTalk:

My Current Educational and e-Learning Interests:

Minimally Invasive Education
Creating News Shows in a Primary School Context
Bar-Camps and unConferences in the Primary School context

Current Influences:

Elwyn Richardson. He makes me question how innovative we really are.
Ewan McIntosh. A delightful man who takes action - watch this Ted talk - it's great
Dan Meyer. Excellent ideas surrounding maths - I'm slowly trying to create a primary school influence for his ideas
Sugata Mitra - Addresses issues of remoteness via his 'hole in the wall studies', the Guru of Minimally Invasive Education and Self Organised Learning Environments (SOLES)

Conrad WolframLove what he says about maths in relation to paper, tedious calculation by hand, and the examples he uses for assessment - how cool if NZ went first!

Efellows 2010
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