Name: Tara TJ

Minimally Invasive Education from Emerging Leaders on Vimeo.

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Lead Teacher of eLearning Amesbury School, Wellington


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    My work during my e-Fellowship:

    In 2010 (as a Core Education eFellow) I explored the use of cameras in the classroom looking specifically at:
    • Self Reflection
    • Foucauldian notions of self-monitoring
    • Authentic audience


    My EdTalk:

    My Current Educational and e-Learning Interests:

    Minimally Invasive Education
    Creating News Shows in a Primary School Context
    Bar-Camps and unConferences in the Primary School context

    Current Influences:

    Elwyn Richardson. He makes me question how innovative we really are.
    Ewan McIntosh. A delightful man who takes action - watch this Ted talk - it's great
    Dan Meyer. Excellent ideas surrounding maths - I'm slowly trying to create a primary school influence for his ideas
    Sugata Mitra - Addresses issues of remoteness via his 'hole in the wall studies', the Guru of Minimally Invasive Education and Self Organised Learning Environments (SOLES)

    Conrad WolframLove what he says about maths in relation to paper, tedious calculation by hand, and the examples he uses for assessment - how cool if NZ went first!

    Efellows 2010
    [Joel Dodd] [Puti Puti Gardiner ] [Florence Lyons] [Margaret May] [Nathan Parker] [Tara Taylor-Jorgensen]