Name: Deidre Senior

School/Organisation: Oamaru Intermediate School, North Otago, Deputy Principal

Blogs: My personal blog that reflects and shares new ideas and findings in the world of ICT Our School Tech blog that documents what goes on in our Technology rooms, sharing with the world the process and thinking behind what we are doing. Our School Reading blog - started as my E-fellow project in 2009 and has continued to build since then. Has become a part of the culture of our school, and is being followed by many other schools around.
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My little resource space

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My work during my e-Fellowship: Reading Blogs as Reading Logs

Link: - the result of my work. - an outline of the work that led to the the Reading Log Blog

My Current Educational and e-Learning Interests:

Anything that sparks learning and excitement in students. I have a particular passion for ensuring that Teaching Practice is of the highest possible quality in all areas of the curriculum.
At OIS we are currently undergoing an implementation of an LMS and this is an exciting time as I look to integrate my ICT passion with that of students sharing and celebrating their learning beyond their classroom walls.

Recently (end of 2012) I have published another book in an area that I have developed and refined over the past 15 years - Mentoring teachers. 'A Mentor Teacher Guide' aims to support Mentor Teachers - it is particularly aimed at those supporting PRTs, however can also be used for people to support an Appraisal Process or for those supporting teachers within their team/school. It has a variety of tools - graphic organisers, hints, reflection sheets that will be of benefit to you as the Mentor or to the PRT.

mentor teacher book.jpg
The book can be purchased from Essential Resources in hard copy or as an e-book.

In 2011 I published two books to support teachers in the Technology Curriculum (my other passion!!). Tech in NZC (2007) has not been very well supported and consequently is not followed through in the classroom. These books are designed to support teacher understanding in Tech - especially in the Tech Practice strand (Book 1) . Book 2 focuses on Effective pedagogy in Technology. Aimed to support Levels 2-4 of NZC (Book 1) and Levels 2-5 (Book 2).
Technology_in_Action.JPG Technology_in_Action_Book_2.JPG

Skills and Knowledge I am keen to share:

Skills and Knowledge I need help with:

Books/people/websites that have influenced my thinking:

Stoll, Fink and Earl - "It's About Learning (and It's About Time) - an easy read that can be picked up at anytime and have something taken from it!