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Nathan Parker
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School: Warrington

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2010 Core eFellowship: Exploring FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), Envirethicsand E-waste

My EDtalk: E-waste

Stuff I am involved in:
Envirethical Education - evironmental and ethical
GNU/Linux In The New Zealand Curriculum - giving a balance to corporate involvement in education
Free and Open Source Software Initiative - getting FOSS computers into the world
Social Literacy - schools and students thinking and acting on social and political concerns to become effective citizens
Circle Time - a space within the curriculum into which each person comes with unconditional acceptance
Blueskin Bay FM- community radio station run from school using creative commons licences
Blueskin Bay Open Source Initiative - getting FOSS computers into our local community
OpenEducation4Schools - the glass abattoir concept
Digital Horizon - giving educators the chance to retain New Zealand's clean green image with digital technology

Ubuntu - the world's best operating system
Richard Stallman - the staunch man behind the Free Software movement
Wayne Mackintosh- Mr WikiEducator - helping us all to create a global curriculum
Dr. Seuss - writing envirethical children's books
Sugata Mitra- showing how remote communities and children learn best with digital technology
Blueskin Bay from the Silver Peaks

Efellows 2010
[Joel Dodd] [Puti Puti Gardiner ] [Florence Lyons] [Margaret May] [Nathan Parker] [Tara Taylor-Jorgensen]