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Creative Characters
  • Art Show by Miss K Jul 3, 2016
    It's time for the biennial PES Art Show!We showcase how amazing we are at the fine arts.Team 3 has been learning about architecture and geometry this term. We put these two together to create some cityscapes inspired by Heather Galler.
  • World Structures by Miss K May 16, 2016
    As part of our inquiry into As I See It, we have been learning about iconic structures around the world.Here is what we have learnt so far - and a little fun too.
  • Happy Mother's Day by Miss K May 7, 2016
    We wish all our AMAZING Mothers a very very Happy Mother's Day.Thank you for your love, cuddles and always taking care of us.Lots of loveUsxxx
  • Top Schools 2016 by Miss K Feb 28, 2016
    We've just had our annual Top Schools event at Churchill Park School. A HUGE thanks to Auckland East Rotary for putting this amazing event on for us.
  • Easy Love: Pavilion Style by Miss K Feb 15, 2016
    Team Pavilion has been learning about Key Competencies and how being mindful of what we do can help us learn and achieve better results.This MTV was put together by the students, choreographed by the students and directed by the students. Not bad ...

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Creating multimedia in the classroom

1:1 Netbook program



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