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Creative Characters
  • Using our Key Competencies by Miss K Mar 31, 2014
    Class 12 spend a lot of time learning about and discussing the Key Competencies. We know that they help our learning and help us be amazing kids.We wrote this song to teach everybody all about Key Competencies.
  • The Hueys by Miss K Mar 25, 2014
    In class, we read the story about The Hueys and the New Jumper. As a class we decided that the message of the story was that it is pretty cool to be different and if you do then you could maybe one day even change the world.The amazing Alosina (ou...
  • The Man by Miss K Mar 15, 2014
    These men have just had their first go at lip syncing. Not a bad effort at all.
  • A Summer's Day by Miss K Feb 28, 2014
    On the second to last day of summer, Class 12 felt confident enough to tackle a task independently, away from the confines of the classroom. We were using Explain Everything to record our Bonds to Ten.On this bright, sunny day some kids went outsi...
  • What Does Waitangi Day Mean To Us? by Miss K Feb 10, 2014
    What does Waitangi Day mean to us in Class 12?How do the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi relate to us here at Pt England School?Our movie shares what we think.

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Creating multimedia in the classroom

1:1 Netbook program



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