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My work during my e-Fellowship:

  • Making Catapults by Miss K May 15, 2018
    As part of learning about energy for our theme - I Like to Move it Move it - The Block were lucky enough to make catapults. By making catapults we learnt about potential energy, kinetic energy and gravity. We were also lucky enough to have a WAR!
  • Christmas Party by Miss K Dec 12, 2017
    To celebrate the end of 2017, the whole Junior School decided to have a fabulous Carnival Christmas Party.The teachers organised bouncy castles, water slides, face painting, games, bike rides, craft, Mr Whippy Ice cream - and even an extra special...
  • Santa Stockings by Miss K Dec 12, 2017
    Thank goodness that all of DaBoyz made it on to Santa's Nice List because.... he visited us and left some pretty cool presents!A couple of weeks ago Gigi made us our own stockings that we got to decorate with our own Christmas pictures. Because we...
  • Building with Mr J by Miss K Dec 6, 2017
    Mr J enjoyed making bugles so much that he really wanted to come back and make something else.This time we used heaps more tools and made our very own foot catapults.Thanks Mr J. DaBoyz have enjoyed these fun activities so much and have really sho...
  • Making Bugles by Miss K Nov 27, 2017
    We were very lucky this week when Mr Jacobsen came and made bugles with us. He is a bugling superstar and often treats us to a performance at assembly.Thank you Mr J, we love annoying Miss King with our trumpeting bugles!

My Current Educational and e-Learning Interests:

Creating multimedia in the classroom

1:1 Netbook program



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