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My work during my e-Fellowship:

  • Solar System Cookies by Miss K Aug 13, 2017
    #DaBoyz are so curious about space, planets and life beyond earth. What better way to further explore our Solar System than to bake planet cookies!50points for whoever spots the spelling mistake. :-)
  • Term 3 Immersion by Miss K Jul 23, 2017
    Team 3 is learning about time this term. We're learning how time is an organisational tool to help us "tame" the science around us.The teachers took it upon themselves to detail the Days of their Lives.
  • We Know the Way by Miss K May 24, 2017
    We love music and we adore performing - so why not combine both. We couldn't see any reason to not spend an hour of our day singing and performing.
  • Forces of Flight by Miss K May 12, 2017
    As part of our learning about Matariki and kites and all things technology, we spent last week learning about the forces involved in flight - so, of course, we had to make lots of flying things.
  • Puddles by Miss K May 12, 2017
    The giant puddle was too tempting too resist!  We put on our togs and jumped right in. SO much fun.

My Current Educational and e-Learning Interests:

Creating multimedia in the classroom

1:1 Netbook program



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Efellows 2012
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