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My work during my e-Fellowship:

Photographs have become a powerful ICT tool, where we have looked closely into the quality of listening to infants and young toddlers; finding ways of observing, interpreting and responding to their whole repertoire of communication. Our challenge has been to use photographs as a visual tool to share the collaborative approaches of teachers with one another and the subsequent impact that that photographs have for children and families.

My Current Educational and e-Learning Interests:

We have used innovative e-learning approaches in a number of ways. These include photography as an art form, photography for pedagogical documentation, email for engaging families in their child’s learning and Google Docs. as a reflective and collaborative tool. The use of ICT in early childhood is still very new, particularly when working with infants and toddlers.

We have used Email as another way of communicating with our families, emailing learning stories and inviting parent responses. We have and continue to receive a high level of response from families regarding their child’s learning. Thus creating a partnership, which enables opportunities to share/challenge our own perspectives as teachers alongside parents. (An example can be found in the above article)

Google docs has also been a vital tool for unpacking our thinking in creating learning stories for children as a team. Through the use of ‘google docs’ I have been able to critically reflect upon my role as teacher and as part of a community of learners. We have all been challenged in our understanding of collaboration, concluding that truly reflective practice comes through multiple perspectives.

Skills and Knowledge I am keen to share:

We believe photography plays an integral part to our pedagogical documentation. At Tots Corner we use a variety of techniques and software which has enabled us to make learning visible. We have deepened our knowledge and skills in photography as part of our role to understand and communicate children’s learning through documentation, reflection and interpretation.
ECE ICT PL provided the inspiration to write an Article in collaboration with Linda Flavell (Core Education) ‘‘Listening with our Eyes” published in The First Years; Nga Tau Tuatahi. New Zealand Journal of Infant and Toddler Education - The University of Auckland, Faculty of Education.

Numerous opportunities to explore and experiment with ICT tools enabled us to consider and reflect how these could be used to enhance our pedagogical documentation and make children’s learning visible for our children and their families.
This article was well received in the ECE community and has been utilised as a current reading for many Early Childhood teachers, it provokes thinking around current pedagogy and building relationships with whanau using 21st century teaching tools.

Skills and Knowledge I need help with:

Books/people/websites that have influenced my thinking:

Jean Rockel - Senior ECE Lecturer at Auckland University, First Years Editor

Margie Carter & Deb Curtis - Designs for Living and Learning, Learning together with young children

Carlina Rinaldi and Carolyn Edwards - The Diary of Laura

Jan Millikan - Reflections

Efellows 2011
[Hanna Faletaupule] [Jo Fothergill] [Bronwyn Glass] [Linda Lehrke] [Sonya Van Schaijik] [David Winter]